Saturday, June 19, 2010

RCA Victor Puzzle Records

RCA Victor Puzzle Records

Puzzle records are odd, multi-track records that expose a different outcome depending on the random groove the needle enters.

I've heard rumors that a record like this existed but it seemed to far fetched to be real, but here it is! Each side has 3 songs recorded, not one after the other, but right beside each other! There are 3 grooves on each side and the song you get depends on which groove you start in. Each song is about 1 minute long. Pretty fantastic!

Haven't seen one of these until now. I think they are pretty rare. This was released by Victor records in 1931, the middle of the Great Depression. Probably not a lot were actually sold.

The Novelty Orchestra shown on the label is actually Ray Noble's orchestra.

Now just enjoy this amazing record! Both sides are shown in this video.

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